Sony Camera Support

Models such as the A7 seem to be promising. Are there any plans to support them?


No plans to add this at the moment. That doesn’t mean it will never happen but we will likely not add support for Sony cameras for a while. Just too small of a market right now.


Nice cameras (my wife has an a7r) but not sure how good for astro…

Thanks Jared

Sony cameras seems to be getting popular and A7s has been drawing lots of attention.
I will be very happy if SGP supports Sony mirrorless cameras.

Is it even possible at the moment? My concern is, that there is no API to access Sony cameras at the moment.

It is possible, but the API is still in beta. I would prefer not to spend time developing against a Beta API at the moment. When they release it formally, they are more likely to be friendly toward deprecated methods and not nullify our work.

I have an A7 and use it for wide angle work. Does a great job, though I have never it put at prime focus. It is absolutely fantastic as a camera. One of the coolest features is that the camera contains an wireless access point. It allows you to connect your computer or phone to it and then it sends the live image to the remote device via wireless. The API works over WiFi as well so it is not as straight forward as a lot of them.