Starlight Xpress EXguidehead and SGPro

I’m starting to use an OAG with SGPro and want to use my SX guidehead connected to my SXVR694. I have to use ASCOM with this combination. I have made sure that both cameras have the necessary files installed.

I can’t get PHD2 to connect to the guidehead.

Is there anything I should be doing in the equipment profile to enable both cameras? I have been using the SXVR694 together with a Superstar guide camera fine for several years with no issues.


I’m not too familiar with that combination.

I assume the guide head connects through the camera? Are there separate ASCOM drivers for each camera?

It may be an “order of operations” kind of deal. For instance you may need to connect the main camera to SGP first and then connect the guide head to PHD2. Or vice versa.

I would play around with different combinations of attempting to connect to the guide head and then attempting to connect to the main camera and see what works. Also there may be something in the drivers of each camera that needs to be enabled for it to work.

Of all else fails you may need to reach out to Starlight Xpress or check their documentation.


PHD2 can use either a native SX camera driver or the ASCOM SX camera driver. SGP can only work with ASCOM drivers. When installing the ASCOM SX camera driver you can select how many ASCOM camera profiles it needs to generate, so you can assign a different one to each SX camera you own.

I use an SX694 with the SX Lodestar X2 as a guide camera. In SGP the ASCOM driver is used to connect to the SX694, while PHD2 uses the native SX driver for the Lodestar. This works fine for me and is not dependent on connecting first in PHD2 and then in SGP or vice versa.

What is the difference with the setup you have used before? Previously SX694 and Superstar on a guide scope while now Superstar via OAG? Either way SGP will not have to know anything about the guide camera. Same as PHD2 will not have to know anything about your imaging camera.

I could use the Superstar but the guidehead has 15micron pixels which would work better with the OAG and my Ritchey Chretien scope. The Superstar works fine with a finderguider as the pixels are 4.65 microns. Also I wanted to be able to revert to the guidescope if I needed to while trying to get the OAG working properly, I’ve not used one before.

I don’t want waste clear nights fighting with guiders, we get very few in Wales!

Thanks Jared

I used to use the guidehead with the 694 in Maxim DL some time ago but that was on the SX driver.

I’ve tried connecting the guidehead in PHD2 with and without the main camera attached. I’ll have to ask Starlight Xpress.