Start/End Capturing Time - Option for Local Sidereal Time (LST)

For those of us with poor horizons, there will frequently be many targets programmed to run over a series of many nights. It only takes a week or so of bad weather and the Start/End times can change quite markedly.

Could I suggest an option to Start/End at local sidereal could be a real time saver, by optimizing the imaging “window” for clearing local obstructions, while also saving the need to constantly tweak Start/End times.

Perhaps a check box could be included for this option rather than regularly time, or even better, enter either local time or LST and Sequence Generator populates the corresponding field.

Hope this is of interest to other users too.


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There is an proposed option for Start/End based on the altitude of the object. I think that would actually be better than sidereal time since it is a more direct indicator.

Thanks DesertSky. Agree that would be just as handy.