Start/End Elev & Time Problems, Planner Too


A few days ago I created 3 targets w/ w/ start & end time constrains, some locked some not. Now, when I look at the time constraints info, all the locked elev/times seem wrong and some of the unlocked ones seem wrong. Different targets are wrong in different ways.

Target Original Elev & Time Current Elev & Time
10h 00m 00s +10.0 deg start locked 30.3 / 10:17:46 pm 36.0 / 10:32:10 pm – seems wrong
Current elev is different (though locked) and time should be earlier, not later. Values match those in the planning tool.
end 45.5 / 4:38:48 am 42.9 / 4:38:00 am – ok

10h 00m 00s +20.0 deg start 30.4 / 9:45:20 pm 30.4 / 9:45:00 pm – seems wrong
Neither elev or time changed - planning tool shows 33 / 9:44 which also seems wrong.
end locked 44.8 / 5:20:58 am 44.8 / 5:32:00 am – seems wrong
Elev is correct but time should be earlier, not later. Planning tool shows 40 / 5:31 am.

10h 00m 00s +40.0 deg start locked 50.0 / 10:35:41 pm 50.0 / 10:35:00 pm – seems wrong
Elev is ok, time didn’t change (much). Planning tool shows 52 / 10:35 pm - locked should changed the time.
end locked 50.0 / 5:38:09 am 50.0 / 5:38:00 am – seems wrong
Elev is ok, time didn’t change (much). Planning tool shows 48 / 5:38 am - locked should have changed the time.

I haven’t tried to repeat this, but I installed and created a new sequence w/ the first two targets then saved and exited the program. Maybe 2 days later I created the 3rd target. Now, maybe two days later again I get the above values.

Maybe I don’t understand how this is supposed to work. Why don’t the planning tool values match the values in the target settings?

(note: sorry, my spacing above between the target, start & end seems to disappear when displayed)

Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
.NET: 4.8

There are a couple bug fixes here for… One for when start and end time have different lock types (one has a time lock and the other has alt lock) and the other issue was from a different change in an earlier version that caused the delta for alt locks to drop a sign and move the time in the wrong direction.

I can’t speak to observed errors in the actual ephemeris (plot). We use a library to calculate those, but incorrect time settings on the PC or incorrect lat / lon may influence that.