Start Sequence time not working with

Didn’t realize you’d released… but the start sequence wait timer isn’t working anymore. Logs attached. I can replicate it. Also, when you abort a sequence at start, it doesn’t actually abort… until it fails. It’ll even enter recovery mode.

Actually it is working as intended. It became a very popular request that we remove the actual dates from start and end times. As such we had to infer dates for the user. Currently our system says that any start time within 12 hours of now is in the future and everything else is in the past. You were something like 8 minutes short of the future boundary. It’s a guessing game. When you entered that time did you mean yesterday or today? 12 hours seemed like a good choice to differentiate the two.

You might need to be more specific about this one. I can’t reproduce it and the logs don’t show it.

OK, not how I intended it to work. It basically eliminates 12 hours of your day and that is not useful for anyone who plans things more than 12 hours out. Want to set up your observatory to image at night and you leave for work at 6am? I’m sure you can see where that doesn’t work.

For your second question, I start a sequence and it slews/stars centering. If I hit ‘Abort’ on the sequence page, it will not end until it starts imaging.

Couldn’t you use military time to solve that problem?

Of course we use 24 hour time… that has nothing to do with the logic. Being 12 hours in the future (or not) has nothing to do with how one tells time.