Start/stop Targets based on Azimuth? Astronomical night?

Can we add a few more restricting conditions for start/stop a particular sequence/target, namely Azimuth angle and astronomical night time? Az angle would be helpful for those of us with portion of sky blocked by trees house etc, and astronomical night begin/end can be helpful so we don’t have to change the end time every day?


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Hi sorry for spamming, I am not sure what’s the official way-of-working for feature request, just wondering if anyone is interested in this proposal other than myself, and can we have a confirmation whether or not we will include this feature in the future development? Thanks.

Both of these are things we’re considering as part of a more comprehensive planning update. While we won’t allow you to specify azimuth we will allow for some way of importing horizon information.

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+1 for Azimuth and Astronomical/Nautical night calculations.