Starting event of multiple targets

In a sequence, once the target set 1 is finished, it looks the next target will start with event 2.

Is it intended by design?

I don’t really understand your question, but you can read about the sequencing engine here:

I found it during my live session to capture 2 targets.

In sequence, let’s say, I set:

Event order = Rotate through events

Target set 1 for M31
Event 1 for L with 3 frames
Event 2 for R with 3 frames
Event 3 for G with 3 frames
Event 4 for B with 3 frames

Target set 2 for M45
Event 1 for L with 3 frames
Event 2 for R with 3 frames
Event 3 for G with 3 frames
Event 4 for B with 3 frames

Once M31 is finished, The target set 2 M45 starts with Event 2 with R. The target set 2 did finish with all 12 frames, but the first L frame is started after the first rotation of RGB.

I support Target set 2 shall start with Event 1 L filter.

That’s why I am curious to see if it is intended or it shall start with event 1 for every target sets.

This is the intended behavior. Can you provide logs so we can take a look?

I guess I found the condition lead to this behavior:

Target set 1, 2 & 3 were set up before the sequence started, and each of
them started with event 1.

Once the above sets were completed, I add target set 4, when the sequence
is resumed, target set 4 started with event 2.

I then added target set 5 by copying target set 3, and reset the progress,
it behaved as target set 4, i.e. started with event 2.

The reason I do this, is I take astrophoto with mobile setup, so I usually
move to and add the next target after the finish of the previous one,
instead of setting up all targets for the whole night with stationary setup.

Attached please find the log for your review.

Thank you. (36.6 KB)

Thanks for the logs. I have fixed this issue and it will be out in the next 2.4.3 beta. In the meantime, if order of rotation is very important to you (in 2.4.2), you can reset the sequence after adding a new target and then uncheck the targets that are already complete (you will need to remember which ones they are). Otherwise, as you mentioned, SGPro will not skip the event, it will just put it last.

Tested in beta and the issue is fixed.