Stellarium import

I am now able to import the co-ordinates from Stellarium into Target Settings and Framing & Mosaic.
But unfortunately we are never satisfied.
Would it be possible to import the Target name as well ?


I have had another play with the import and found that it can be done by right clicking on Target Name and paste, then right click and paste on RA to import the co-ordinates

You have a choice here for the name of the Object in the F & M wizards Object box.

In Stellarium, open the ‘Configuration Window’ from the floating menu on the left side and pick the ‘Information’ tab.

If you have ‘Name’ checked here, you will get the objects common name pasted like Soul Nebula or The Orion Nebula if it’s available. If you disable ‘Name’ and ensure you have ‘Catalogue Number(s)’ selected then you will have the catalogue number(s) pasted instead every time like the following:

NGC 7380 - LBN 511 - Cr 452 - Ced 206

As in the example above, once it’s pasted you can just delete the designations you don’t want and leave only NGC7380 in the Object box for example. As a rule SGP will put the object/target name in the file name when saving your subs, if you get an object like M31 but you have ‘Name’ selected in Stellarium then ‘The Andromeda Galaxy’ can be a real pain as your file names will be about 8 feet long LOLOL

Completely your choice how you want to play it of course !

Thanks Paul, I have it working now.