Would it be possible at some stage to use the Copy and Paste from Stellarium into the Framing and Mosaic Wizard?


It already does, you get the whole line pasted which Stellarium calls ‘Catalogue Number’ though


A star from Ursa Major - F & M will get - 'Dubhe (α UMa - 50 UMa) - HIP 54061 A’
If it’s a star then all you need is the HIP number - Keep ‘HIP 54061’ and delete the rest.

If you paste M42 data then you’ll get this - 'Great Nebula in Orion (M 42 - NGC 1976)'
Just delete everything apart from M42 or in this case NGC1976 even.

Have a go, you’ll soon work it out Nigel.

Have Fun

Yes it works with stars, but not with DSOs like Beehive Cluster or Starfish Cluster. Because Simbad does not recognise the name.


F & M & Stellarium Does work with almost all DSO’s, stars and other objects, but you have to speak the correct language (for want of a better expression).

I Put the Beehive cluster into Google (couldn’t remember what object it was LOLOL), this told me it was M44, went into Stellarium, used the search box with ‘M44’, Stellarium found it in ‘Cancer’ & went to it, I hit ‘Ctrl - C’ to copy current selection, went to SGP’s F & M wizard, hit ‘Ctrl - V’, SGP pasted the following into the ‘Object’ box:

Praesepe (M 44 - NGC 2632 - Cr 189 - Mel 88)

I deleted everything except for ‘M44’ (works with NGC 2632 also, Simbad didn’t like the Cr 189 though)…Hey Presto…I have the Beehive Cluster on screen ready to frame.

Same sequence with the Starfish cluster…

Simbad doesn’t recognise DSO ‘Common’ names like ‘The Beehive Cluster’ or ‘The Starfish Cluster’, this is not a fault with SGP but one with Simbad itself. As a matter of fact, if you use Stellarium’s search box and input ‘The Beehive Cluster’ even ‘IT’ wont take you to the correct object, instead it will take you to the constellation of Serpens at the opposite end of the sky and select an object called ‘The Summer Beehive Cluster’ which is actually IC 4665 / Cr 349…Completely different object altogether.

‘The Starfish Cluster’ in Stellarium will slew your mount to the southern hemisphere near a constellation called ‘Mensa’, If your in the northern hemisphere then be very careful especially if you don’t have horizon limits enabled, this could murder your scope setup if your not careful.

Leave Common names alone and stick with official designations mate !

Hope this helps

Sorry Paul
I did not explain myself clearly. When I am in Stellarium, and I find a collection of stars and DSOs that may make an interesting image, I would like to click on a star in the centre of my FOV, then copy and paste the RA & Dec.
Not all stars have names or numbers in Stellarium.

Doesn’t Stellarium give you the coordinates of the centre of the image as a Ra and Dec value?
In CdC I can select Copy Coordinates from the context menu and get this for some random position:
12h36m51.0s +25°51’34"

BTW that’s between NGC 4565 and NGC 4562 but I didn’t select any object, not even a star.


In Stellarium if you do keyboard Ctrl+C it will copy the coordinates to the
clipboard. Then in SGP go into the target settings, right click in the RA
field and paste and it should fill in both the RA and DEC coordinates.

Yes it works with target settings, but not with Framing & Mosaic Wizard.

Ahhhh Ha,

Now I’m with you Nigel, your right, pasting into the RA box in F & M wiz just places a string of zero’s in RA and Dec

Temp work around then, bit long winded but at least it works for the foreseeable:

Copy & paste into the sequencer Target as Joelshort say’s, copy & paste each individually into the RA & DEC of the F & M. When you ‘Copy’ each one, SGP wont let you paste to the M & F, you’ll have to close the target box first to get your paste & reopen to copy the DEC.

Bit of a pain but it will give you what you want