Still a bug? Filter list does not populate when applying a profile

Win10 ver 1607 build 14393.1066
Xagyl 2"x5 FW
SGP log below
Video link below

Banged my head against the wall for many hours with this until I realized it happened when I applied an equipment profile to a sequence or used the second profile (for the C925). I also searched the forum and found this was a previous bug that had been fixed. However I appear to be experiencing it.

I have two equipment profiles, one for my Zenithstar 71 and one for my C925 SCT, both using the same filter wheel (and same camera, focuser etc).

If I apply the C925 profile to a sequence the filter list does not populate.

If I apply the Zenithstar profile, the filter list populates, all is ok.

This also occurs if I set the C925 profile to default apply to new sequences, no filter list population.

Here is the log file which I don’t see much of anything that is helpful looking through it: Dropbox - Error

Here is a video of the problem occurring: Dropbox - Error

I also updated to the latest version of the Xagyl FW driver, but this did not fix anything. Same problem occurs as when I was using the previous driver.

Still possibly an SGP bug?

Any suggestions?



Apologies for this question, but it’s best to start with the simple stuff. Did you double check that the filters in the C925 profile are actually set up?

If they are and this issue is still present, are you able to zip your profile directory up and send it over (the location of this is in the SGPro options dialog)?