Stop tracking between events when time gap exists between targets

it would be nice to have the option to stop tracking if there is a pause between targets.

in my case my horizon limits me severely. if the mount tracks into the trees while otherwise idle, SGP will not be able to successfully solve and sync before moving to the next target. furthermore some mounts like CP3-based AP mounts will just keep tracking until they crash into the pier.



Hi Rob,

You can solve that issue by enabling the target setting ““Slew to” when target starts” in addition to the ““Center on” when target starts” setting. If you just have “Center on” checked it will do a solve before the slew and you’re hosed. If you check them both, it will slew to the new target first and then solve, so you should be ok as long as the new target is not obstructed.

This was a problem for me too. Here is what I use to prevent it:
You’re welcome to use it too if you want.

Perhaps a bit OT for the SGP forum, but it sounds like you are implying this is not a problem for the CP4? I did not see anything in the CP4 announcement that made it sound like it would be any safer than the CP3 with regards to tracking into the pier.


thanks for the link, i’ll check it out. will SGP recover from a mount that’s been externally stopped though?

at first i thought the CP4 was simply CP3 with new hardware, but it does seem that at the very least they have moved the “safe slew” functionality into firmware. so there’s at least some chance that the safety timer is now autonomous as well, but somehow i doubt it.

anyway, it just seems to me that a nice safety feature is to simply stop tracking when idling between targets.

Forgot to mention… I like this idea and hope K&J will consider it (in addition to stopping guiding). It will help those of us with limited horizons since the guider does go crazy when the target goes behind a tree.


I’m pretty sure that is just referring to the “safe slew” that does not crash the mount into the pier if the slew is initiated from a CWUp position. I believe Ray already put that feature into the ASCOM driver, but the logic was added to the CP4 to protect users who use the hand control to start the slew.


I would still like to add the ability to do this… even if its only purpose is for equipment safety… Adding to the 2.5.X list.

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