Strange camera cooler behavior

I have noticed in the last few betas that if `i reduce the cool down time on my camera while cooling is active, it doesn’t react, in fact it stops it. I had cool to set to -20C in 40 minutes and reduced it to 20 minutes. The cooler rate never went above 15% in this case and the temperature stayed the same. I stopped the sequence, disconnected and reconnected the camera and then tried again and the cooler rate shot up to 55%. (QSI camera)

I am not sure if this is a camera thing, or a SGP thing.

I have seen the same thing with my ASI cameras. I have always had to disconnect then reconnect the camera if I wanted to change anything.


It’s not always easy to tell. If you can dig up the logs we can take a look at what SGPro is doing when you request this change.

Thanks Ken. I probably need to find a fresh instance as I have been imaging all week and don’t want to put up the wrong log file and give you a wild goose chase.