Strange Error Message

I’ve been using SGP for 3 years and it has made my astrophotography much more enjoyable. I’ve never had any major problem. Last night I had an failure that required me to restart my computer and the Sequence I was using was corrupted. Here is the error message.

Hello Robert,
I do not know what type of error is the one you posted but, maybe, if you make a new Sequence you can solve the problem, I guess.

Not really sure. Can you post the log from this run?


Jared, It’s not a real big deal. SGP work constantly well for me. At the time of the failure, I was clicking around with the histogram tool and also had just finished an autofocus run.


(Attachment sg_logfile_20200415191759.log is missing)

(Attachment ngc 4631_Whale_Galaxy.sgf is missing)