Strange on-screen messages

Since updating, when SGP is downloading subs, strange messages appear on the scrren for half a second, such as:

Calculating red shift

Activating laser

Time dilation and contraction

Compressing to singularity

Pulling against the event horizon

Why do these appear and how do I get rid of them appearing?

There was another thread about the messages and if I remember correctly, they are just messages that appear, I believe, when image history is activated. It was explained that they aren’t taking away any resources or causing any delay in what’s really going on just something to visually break up the delay while image history analyzes the image.
I don’t remember if there was a way to get rid of them when image history is activated.

Thank you - much appreciated, Yes, I managed to find the other thread in the end. I think the messages are meant to invoke some fun into the mix. At the risk of sounding boring and humourless, I’d rather keep the interface as uncluttered as possible, but I can of course live with it. ‘Bah, humbug’.

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You’re welcome.
I can understand the uncluttered statement. The only icon I have on my Windows desktop is the recycle bin.
Unless you need image history active, I believe if you disable it they go away.

And quit being so boring! Kidding of course.

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I wonder if they may be confusing sometimes because of language barriers sometimes? Not implying that there is one here. The “status” messages can certainly be changed to messages reflecting what is really happening, but those will be uninterpretable to all but a very few folks with expertise in image processing. We could, for instance, put up a message that reads “dilating star blobs to increase contrast”, but that is likely just as nonsensical as the things I put in there already. Having no messages here is not an option as there are many different cases in which these measurements are a long running process (especially as camera chips get larger) and they help to communicate to the user that SGPro has not locked up or frozen.

Thanks Ken. I will learn to love it. I will, I will.

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Sorry, I can see the attempt to add some fun, but I find them really annoying, especially when things are going wrong and I’m trying to fix something. If something has to be displayed I would rather just see “processing , please wait” etc.