Struggling with how to insert subdirectories to img

Hi !
Sequensing is going fine with only one problem.
I have been trying to understand how to get SGP to direct images in a sequence to their own folders and put every object to the same folder. I saw that this topic has been on this board before but I can´t figure out how to solve this. I have tried different solutions but the subdirectory I give object nb 1 is automatically in all the other objects too :frowning:
I have inserted %tn under Sequence data > File name. But then instructions say that “” should be inserted under Sequence data > Directory. I have tried but still all images of all object tend to be saved in the folder of object nb 1.
Can someone tell me what I´m doing wrong here, please !

You need to remove sao5501 from your Directory entry and point to the Exonorth2 as your root directory. From there SGP will append everything else.

So now you’re ending up with:
C:\ ... Exonorth2\sao5501\ SAO5335\Light ... etc


Hi Jared !

So I should write the directory like this for sao5501 : C:\ …Exonorth2\ ?
This means that all other objects will have the same string.
Am I right that when I have Exonorth2\ as the root directory, SGP will find all the right subdirectories to each object without anymore scripting ?

Or if I have got the above completely wrong you wrote:

So now you’re ending up with:
C:\ ... Exonorth2\sao5501\ SAO5335\Light ... etc<
Does this mean that I should modify the script for sao5335 as your example ?
Then we have sao5481 and so forth. How should the script look like for this next object ?


It is not a “Directory for sao5501” that is the root directory for the entire sequence.

SGP does this for each target:
Directory + File Pattern Pattern = Final File Name.

So by having sao5501 in the Directory field, you’re telling SGP to create everything inside of that directory. That is NOT set per target but per sequence.


Ok I understand !
Thank you for having patience with me :slight_smile: