STT camera guider

I am using an SBIG STT-8300FWG, meaning it has integrated filter wheel and integrated internal guider. SGP recognises the camera and filter wheel but not the guider. Is there a setting I am missing or do I have to use SGP’s preferred PHD guiding?

Usually guide cameras are simply a source of images for a guide application to use. They may also pass the guide signals through to the mount.

You select the STT guide camera in PHD2, not SGP, and either guide using commands from PHD2 to the mount or use the through camera option with a cable between the guide camera and the guide port on the mount.

the internal guider does not really guide on its own, it needs software help, such as the guiding in Maxim or PHD2. since SGP uses PHD2 as it’s guider, you pretty much always have to use PHD2 to guide with SGP.

the problem is that both imagers in an STT are behind the same USB interface. so if PHD2 is connected to the camera, SGP can not connect and vice versa. what ken and jared have done is create an interface that connects to the STT and then exports the guider as a virtual camera so that PHD2 can connect at the same time SGP is connected.

so what you need to do is install the SGP API Guider from the downloads page. then you connect SGP to the STT and in doing so the virtual camera interface appears, and that’s the camera you select in PHD2.


More specifically, once you have installed the api guider from the SGP downloads page, select that in PhD2.

Also, do not forget to select “internal” in the SGP camera setup.

I have used that camera for years with no issues.

This shouldn’t need special software, it’s possible to write ASCOM drivers that will handle multiple applications connecting to different devices through the same hardware interface. The ASCOM platform developers provide the LocalServer to do this, including template code, a manual, and an installer generator. It’s even possible to ask for help.