Suggested improvement to Recovery

One of the advantages of not being a programmer is that implementing any routine seems simple. So with that in mind, here’s my suggestion. In its current implementation, recovery will try for 90 min to reaquire a star and continue the sequence. If a pier flip is due during that period a pier crash may occur. Since SGP is counting down the time to pier flip, would it be possible to put in a box that when checked will compare the time to pier flip and if less than the 90 min will default to to time to pier flip. That way those of us with eq mounts without hard limits could use Recovery without fear of a pier crash?

This is one of the first ones we plucked off the list as it deals with equipment safety. This has been implemented and will be out in the first 2.4.2 beta. While we will implement variable (user defined recovery times) at some point, right now your recovery will last for 90 minutes OR until your scope crosses the meridian. This will allow your scope to process end of sequence actions before pier crash.