Suggestions for Black theme

First of all, I love the new themes. And I’m very happy that the MS WIndows based themes that I posted so long ago can now be retired!

I am using the Black theme with red acrylic over my screen. The text that is printed (white on orange) on the half-filled progress bars (for example: event exposures in the sequence panel) are quite difficult to read. Could you try black text on the orange background for more contrast? I think that would work both with and without the red screen.

Thanks - Shane

The only reason this exists in its current state is that I have a “split” color progress bar text in a not fully finished state. White text here is just a punt because it is mostly visible on black and SGPro orange. Using black text here will require that it’s visible at 10% (black background) and also at 100% SGPro Orange background. The most awkward of states is, of course, 50% where the text color is half and half in order to be visible with black text. I’ll see if I can finish that up and if goes sideways or takes too much time there are other alternatives (like changing the color of progress bars, etc).