Suggestions for speeding up Start of Sequence

I have been lucky to have a string of clear nights after months of grey. I have had a chance to check out the full automation features of SGP, leaving it unattended and coming back in the morning to find it has shutdown in an orderly fashion, parked the mount, closed the roof and disconnected. Fantastic stuff.

I have a few suggestions though on start of sequence and making it more nimble.

Current Order
Resume Autoguider and settle (a few minutes)
Start camera cooler
Wait for camera to reach temp (for me about 5 minutes
Autofocus ( 5-10 minutes) (during which time I disable guiding and it slowly drifts)
Autoguider fire up - takes some time to get the star in the center again
First Exposure

There is opportunity to think about a different logic
Suggested Order
Start Camera cooling
Resume Autoguider and start guiding (No dither necessary on first exposure)
Start first exposure when camera reaches temp. (for me, it would be straight away)

I use an off axis guider and it works better when the focus is precise - especially with a centrally obstructed scope. One of my earlier suggestions would be to connect the safety monitor before the other devices (either from a timed sequence start or manual start) and only connect the rest of the devices and get things going if the safety monitor said it was OK. I know there is recovery mode, but why go to all that complexity if it can be simply avoided?

Hi Buzz

There is an option to cool camera on connect so you could knock one of those off the list…

thanks Kit, yes I know - but I will set up my system when I get home from work and time it to start up when it is dark enough, or the altitude is over 35deg, and I don’t really want to be cooling the camera for all that time. The cooling time is just one part of the startup sequence proposal.

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