Summary data on sequences

Is there a way to see at a glance all sequence times in order to get the dependence between them. I have tipically four or five sequences and it is so long to check every sequence: set a sequnce, go to the next, back to the previous…


Currently there is not a way to see start/end times or how the sequence will be executed.


You might like to try this basic Windows app that I wrote, until someone develops a better candidate. It’s saved me countless times from waking up to empty image folders or folders filled with useless images due to the usual user-errors like:

  • Forgetting to select “slew and center”!!
  • Forgetting to select a target (target checkbox) after creating it.
  • Forgetting to select an event after creating it (Run checkbox).
  • Forgetting to enter values for integration time or number of exposures.
  • Not having enough integration time for the selected sequence duration
  • Various other screw-ups

I am not a professional programmer and this was not meant to be released to the public so it is a little rough-and-ready, but if it is useful then great. It works for my use-case but maybe not for yours. No installation required; just throw it into an empty folder and run the exe. You’ll get an error popup when you first run it (it will be still pointing to my non-existent sequence file), but after you point it to your sequence file it will save its location when the program closes. If you change your sequence in SGP, hit the save button within SGP and click the “refresh” button at the upper right to re-analyse the updated sequence.

If you find any bugs feel free to post a link to your sequence file so that I can do some fault-finding here if I have the time (no guarantees, sorry).

The download link is here

thank you for the answer, as Ross_Walker suggest today yhe only way is to use an external own write code

thank you for your code, it seems very usefull. I would write a similar one in python and add the ephemeris/high of the subject, but for now I think I use your :muscle:

it works very well

Thank you PK. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of hours this app has saved me over the past year. I image with several imaging rigs and instances of SGP, and I have often lost over 10 hours of data in a single evening due to silly mistakes. I hope it can save you from losing precious imaging time too.



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Thanks for making this available to all Ross. I have downloaded it but not used it yet…but I will definitely try it out at first opportunately.