Summary of V3 vs V4?

I have subscribed to V4 but am still using V3 since (as far as I am aware) there is no killer feature that V4 has that V3 does not (at least for my use cases) but since I have not followed V4 that much, I am not sure exactly what it does that V3 does not do.

Is there anywhere that users can find an up-to-date comparison of features between the two versions (final V3 vs current V4 beta)?

NOTE: it would be great to have a features comparison chart, updated as features are added.


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Watch out! This question will really upset Helen_Driver again! :laughing:

Take a look here


Hah! These days one cannot do or say anything w/o upsetting someone so I have gotten used to the most trivial questions causing “issues” (real or imagined). :grinning:

Plus that “discussion” was almost 6 months ago so is probably out of date.

I do think that there should be (for all versioned SW, not just SGP) a place on the developers page or forum where one can go to to see (in list form) the current features status as well as the features for older versions and maybe a proposed timeline for future features. It would be helpful for those deciding to buy…

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I think its a valid question. I have searched over the site, no info. I have V3, Non-Subscription and as of right now based on the information I have found, which is VERY little I do not see a reason to Subscribe.

Would be nice to see a DARK mode and maybe Auto Sky Flats. The only feature I see that’s new is controlling switches. Not something I need right now.

I am really just looking for a reason to get the subscription service. What are the future plans for features?

I have been debating this too. v3 works great for me, I am have no problem paying for the subscription and moving up to v4, but at this point I really don’t have a killer reason to. Autofocus works perfectly for me 99.999% of the time for my 8"RC@f/8, meridian flips work all the time, dome control works, etc… once in a blue moon I have a fluke issue. The switch feature seems interesting since I do have the popular Digital Loggers Web Switch, so having SGP turn off the rig runner and mount and turn on the dehumidifier would be nice…but still not a major thing. Sky flats on the other hand… :wink:

I have payed for the subscription. The reason was to support the development of the new features. Not to wait for new features and only then pay. I hoped, when I will pay, I will get new features soon. If everyone will wait, maybe no new features will be at all. Also new feature requests from subscribers should have bigger priority.

I do have to agree with that. I paid when V4 was first announced in hopes that new features like multi-camera would soon appear. It has been months and nothing of great consequence has appeared save switch support.

That’s true, but the subscription doesn’t start until V4 is officially released (non-Beta).

Actually product development works the other way. Companies keep launching new and improved products to sell. No innovation, no sales. Infinity of examples all around…

Of course! In general, this is not contrary to my opinion. Less money => no development and innovation => no money => no product. More money => more capacity, resources, possibilities => faster development, better quality, better support, innovation => more money. Unsatisfied paying users => bad reputation => no money …

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I agree and subscribed upfront. Many people concur with the view that SGP is an integral part of their setup. “Investing” in its development seems a logical thing to do.

With this criteria you should invest in every company you want to develop new products… Unfortunatly in my case (IT services) I get paid once I have done the job…

I guess I knew that but had forgotten. Sounds fair.

I hope that this has not turned in to a belligerent discussion about what is correct or incorrect developer policy, or what is fair/not fair or right/wrong.

My only intent was to suggest a place where one could go to quickly and easily compare versions and features. A sort of table would be great. Pretty common on many software sites and often applied to release versions as well as paid vs free versions where that applies.

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