Sun Mosaic @4200 FL?

Hi, I am planning to do a sun mosaic. The problem I am having is the program wants to plate solve first. I will be using 4200mm focal length. Is there a workaround for this?



Maybe I am not understanding the issue but simply opening the “Target settings” dialog box and unchecking the “Center on when target starts” option will disable automatic centering on the target position. If your mount is well aligned and you did a sync before sunrise, your goto’s might be accurate enough to do a usable mosaic.


SGP won’t be much help for a solar mosaic (unless you’re referring to very distant suns then we can certainly help out :smile:)

As mentioned, you just need to disable the “Center” functionality for each target. Assuming you have defined the RA/Dec of your tiles manually you can still slew, but plate solving isn’t supported on planets or the sun.