Support for Fuji X-T2 or X-T1?

Hi there,

Id love to be able to use my Fuji X-T1 or X-T2 with SGP, but like all other tools only Nikon & Canon are supported. Could you guys maybe show the Fuji owners out there, and there is a lot of us, a little love too?

Can we have SGP support?

I guess this depends on the used raw decoding software (up to now: dcraw, which seems to be discontinued). In another thread, Ken wrote that they are working on an integration of libraw as the new raw decoding software, see Digic 8 + Cr3? .


Yes, we have moved over to libraw (not yet released). On an initial “quick look” it doesn’t appear that Fuji has any camera APIs that they publish, which would make tethered shooting difficult. I’ll do some additional digging and see if there is actually something out there.


A few years ago I wrote to their UK manager and requested the API details. The response was polite but nothing came of it.
In response I wrote my own ASCOM driver for a simple relay cable release. It works with KMTronic usb relay. Obviously it cannot set camera settings but it does allow me to dither and take varying exposure durations. It will be generally released to the public with the publication of my next book. Drop me a message and I will send you a Dropbox link.

Hi there.
Also interested in this. I invested heavily in the Fujifilm system a few years ago. Now have various lenses and an XT3 body. Frustrating that no Astrophotography software supports them but I could understand why if there was no public API.

However, I also started using Capture One Pro this year (Photoshop alternative) and it supports tethering. Really good app and I can control the XT3 from my laptop. Downsides are that the control is limited to manually initiated shots. I.e. you can change ISO, shutter speed and a few other settings, but you can’t set off a sequence of exposures from the laptop. You’d have to revert back to the camera controls for that, and you can’t do that whilst tethered. So either do all on camera, or sit at the laptop and press the virtual shutter release button every few minutes. I was hoping to leverage the excellent APSC sensor, but will probably have to invest in a dedicated astro CCD instead. :frowning:

Hi Roy - I also use Capture One - tethered operation is not really viable in an astro setting. To be honest, I tend to either use my remote release design mentioned earlier, or the built-in intervalometer for simple runs. The other thing you need to consider is, although I like Fuji X-Trans for daytime work, its filter array has an even higher proportion of green pixels, which are a waste for astro work. I you really want color images, rather than filtered mono ones, a cooled APS-C astro camera is a much better proposition.