Switching Frame Types

(You don’t have a forum category for questions from the truly clueless.)

Tonight is supposed to me mostly clear… and, though there’s going to be moonlight for much of the night, I’m going to go give this set up a shot using SGP for the first time, in the wild.

I’ve included some flats to my sequence. Will SGP let me know when it is read to do those so that I can put my “manual flat box” into place? Or, is there a way of inserting a pause into a sequence?



(Replying to my own post…)

Never mind. Found it in the manual. Pause Sequence…



There are a number of ways to do what you’re looking for.

  1. Use the “Manual Flat Box” (yes, this is an actual piece of gear in the flat box list). It will prompt you to place/remove the flatbox when the frame types change. It will also pause the sequence waiting for you to click OK.
  2. Setup a “Pause” in the sequence before the flats. I’m guessing this is what you’ve already found so I won’t explain it.

Either will work, but I would generally recommend #1 for what you’re doing as it’s designed exactly for that.