Sxvr h35 ccd on 64 bit windows machine

I’ve been using SGPro on my portable rig with my Starlight camera, and a 32bit windows 7 laptop.
I’ve just installed SGPro on my 64 bit win 7 obsy machine, and it doesn’t see the camera. Maxim and Nebulosity both see it. I’ve downloaded the latest 64 bit drivers, and have tried v2.3 and the latest beta of SGPro, what am I doing wrong?


I presume you have loaded the ascom driver for the camera ?


Thanks Harry, you beat me to it, just read the post below regarding starlight cameras, and no I’d forgot the ASCOM drivers, drat.

BTW, can I thank you in advance for your tutorials, am about to start listening to your voice for the next few days/weeks/months/years, gone and bought PI