Synchronise SGPro Camera Angle to Stellarium

This is probably easy to do but I just cant figure it out.

I use Stellarium a lot, particularly for target selection and framing. I am aware of SGP Frame and Focus and also use that but its not what I want here so please bear with me.

My rig details are configured in Stellarium and I have the FOV overlay working which shows camera angle.

I would like to be able to open an SGPro produced sub-frame in PI, find the camera angle from the FITS header, and be able to put this in Stellarium and see the same orientation of the target.

How do I do this ?

I’m not at my computer but I believe in the equipment set up area, under the sensor settings, there is an angle or rotation setting.

Yes, there is, I’m just not sure how to synchronise SGP with Stellarium camera angle.

Are you talking about it automatically adjusting in Stellarium when you change it in SGP?

I didn’t think that’s possible.

No. I just want to have SGP, Stellarium and a Pixinsight sub-frame show the same camera angle for any given target/orientation.

I think I now have SGP and Pixinsight agreeing and it looks like Stellarium is actually showing the correct angle but, for example, rather than showing 339 degrees it is showing the correct orientation as 21 degrees or -339 degrees. So, for stellarium I just need to take the sub-frame angle and subtract it from 360.

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I am not very familiar with stellarium, but if it helps, SGPro stores the equatorial positional angle (EPA) in the FITS headers. Position angle - Wikipedia

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