Target and Event Defaults

Is there a way to set some defaults for Targets? (Like I want to slew to every target by default)

How about for new events? (Like I want my lights to be 4 minutes at ISO 400 and take 10 exposures, and I want my biases to be 1/4000th at ISO 400 and take 50)


Next to each Target in your list is a settings gear icon:
Target Settings Button

Then choose either “Center on” when target starts, or “Slew to” when
target starts:
Center Now

This assumes that the RA and DEC information is populated in the
location field. You can manually enter that info, or you can use a
reference image (but that’s a topic for another discussion).

To my knowledge there is no way to set a default exposure or ISO setting
for new events. It always defaults to 0 exposure.

I think David as asking if any of those choices can be added to a profile like the equipment profile. The answer, right now, is no. The sequence and its events are considered as “fluid” and expected to change from target to target independent of equipment options. We realize this statement is not always true… it is mostly.

That said, you can work around it by creating an event and target template, open that and use “Save As”.

Lastly, you can make feature requests so long as they are properly filed under the feature request category (or they will get lost).