Target List Bottom Scrolling Does not work

First of all, the Astroplanner import tool is awesome. I really like the ability to import my observation lists directly into SGP. I imported 21 targets successfully. In the sequence window, the bottom most button in the target list does not scroll the list down. To scroll down, one has to click in the scroll bar. Scrolling up via the top bottom works. The bottom does not.

You can see a screen capture here:

Thank you.


This is a known issue. It does not happen all the time and we are currently unaware of how to fix it or prevent windows from doing this. The workaround is to add a disabled dummy target to the bottom so you can get to all the ones that are important to you. Also, saving the sequence, creating a new sequence and then reloading your sequence sometimes works.

Would using a dropbox instead of a scrollbox solve that issue?