Target planning - Issues with altitude calculations

I’m seeing an issue in the beta in the targeting dialog - this one relates to the altitude calculation in the time constraints field.

Here I have a sequence that ran last night between the times shown in the screenshot. The next morning, I inspect the planner with an aim of setting up the sequence to run again, but the altitude calculation for the end time appears to be garbage (-90 degrees instead of approx 35). The tipping point comes (today - 30/09/19) at 02:51:00 - any time after this results in a -90 alt. before, it correctly reports (as per the cursor readout in the planning tool) as 53.3 degrees.

Sequence file (in zip) and screenshot attached.

SBIG (6.4 KB)

Hmm… It seems to be working now. This issue is likely only present in the morning. Start and end times have a lot of inferences going on with respect to the date.