Target Slew and center failing

I have a WO110 on a Losmandy G11G. It’s been working fine until recently (last clear period, I’m in Western WA, USA). Running SGP on a mini-pc mounted to top of scope, Win11. I’m currently imaging NGC5457 (M101). When I set the target to slew and center, it performs the slew, auto-focuses, then tries to center. It successfully slews to near target, get image and solves using ASTAP (also tried ANSVR). Successful solve. Moves scope and re-solves. Dec gets closer, but RA never gets closer than 1200 pixels (.64”/pix) regardless of the number of attempts. It has worked in the past, usually taking 2-3 tries (5 try max). Note that I usually just cold-start the Gemini and don’t sync, so it takes an extra try or two. Doesn’t matter if I DO a proper sync. If I switch to TheSkyX and do the same center (closed loop slew in X-speak), it works just fine. In order to image, I have to switch to “do not move…” and manually center first.
Does anyone have a clue what might be going on here? Note it worked fine up until recent update (different targets, though). I am building a completely fresh profile / sequence to see if the old one got corrupted, but can’t test that until tomorrow night.
Thanks IA.

This sounds like possibly a failure to sync the mount’s position somehow, but I’m not certain. If you’d like to post logs showing the failed centering we can take a look.

Additional guidance here:

SGPro - Help

I am having the same issue (centering does not get closer than 700 pixels in RA) on a GM8. As it use$ to work, I am puzzled about what to do. Have you fo7nd a solution?