TEC not cooling automatically

Hi guys,
A month ago I bought a SX-694 camera, and I’ve noticed that the TEC does not turn on or cool to my set point automatically. I have it set to turn on and cool to -25C when the camera connects. Is this a property of the camera driver, or a bug? Here’s my last log file from last night. I believe I manually set the TEC at 5:58pm.


Looks like you have found a small bug that shows itself when you ask for a cool down on connect over 0 minutes. SGPro freaks out and does nothing. I will fix this for the next beta. In the meantime, you can change your cool down time to 1 min (or higher) and it will work as expected.


I wondered. I’ve always had the cool down time set to 0 so it was either the camera or the beta.

Joel, Ken,

Just for your information, the problem is also in the non beta, and changing from zero to 1 makes it work correctly. This is with a SX-814 mono. I just assumed I had a setting wrong somewhere!