Telescope control panel strange effect

Sorry; this one is too silly for even my words! I have managed to connect the scope (HEQ5 Pro Synscan) and LodestarX2 camera to SGP. I am trying to nudge the scope having done an SGP goto via the settings menu. So we are near the sun but need to nudge. I found the nudge options in the frame/focu module. [This is speaking from memory of 15 minutes ago so I might put something wrong.]
As soon as the control panel comes up I try to tap an option but the whole panel disappears. Another tap and its back - but nothing is selectable because any taps - it disappears.

What am I (now) doing wrongly?


Not really sure what could be causing this unless you have a stuck modifier key (Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Windows) on your keyboard. This happens to me occasionally and I just have to press the modifier keys a couple of times to free them.