Telescope data in FITS header missing (Release


I have recently upgraded the observatory (Z52) with a new Windows 10 computer. This has been done specifically to make use of the very latest versions of SGPro and TheSkyX (no longer Win 7 compatible).

Unfortunately the latest 32-bit Release of SGPro still suffers from previously reported problems. Namely, the version 4 software is still missing ‘essential’ FITS header information. The missing data includes,

TELESCOP: The name of the connected telescope
RA: Object Right Ascension (as reported by the telescope at time of capture)
DEC: Object Declination (as reported by the telescope at time of capture)
CRVAL1: Object Right Ascension (as reported by the telescope at time of capture)
CRVAL2: Object Declination (as reported by the telescope at time of capture)
OBJCTRA: Object right ascension in HMS
OBJCTDEC: Object declination in degrees
FOCALLEN: The focal length of the current telescope
OBJCTALT: The altitude of the object in degrees
AIRMASS: The average airmass during the observation

ANGLE: The angle of the image (east of north)
SCALE: The image’s scale (arcsec / pixel)
PIXSCALE: The image’s scale (arcsec / pixel)

The above problem renders the Ver 4 SGPro software completely unusable within the observatory as all the ‘essential’ header data for the captured science images are missing. The Telescope information in the header (OBJCTRA,OBJCTDEC,OBJCTALT,AIRMASS,etc.) are all vital.

I have had to revert back to SGPro v3 ( on the new machine which is working fine.


This has been addressed but has not been released. Hopefully it will be out by this weekend.


Many thanks, look forward to the update. Stay safe.

I have just hit the same problem - my images are useless for scientific purposes. Just want to flag up that the evironment data

is also missing


Is there an update on a release date to fix the FITS header omissions?

Many thanks.

It has been discussed in other threads. It has been resolved. Hope to release later this week. Trying to fix a couple of other issues and this will also go out with those.


Excellent. You should know I’ve been having great success in using the version 3 software to collect photometric data on up to four targets per night, with and without meridian flips, and using multiple (B,V,I) filters. Including opening and closing the observatory’s roll-off roof. Stephen

With SGPro - 64bit I miss the same data in FITS-Header as Hotspur did.

Update - spoke too soon about the v3 meridian flip success. i have had to split my target into East and West events, each with their own start and stop times, that’s the only safe way to conduct the flip in v3. Still waiting for the v4 update that fixes the ‘essential’ missing FITs header data.

Please update to v4.0.0.680, see Sequence Generator Pro is Released for General Use .


Many thanks. I have downloaded and installed, can confirm all the missing FITs data has now been included within the header.
Stay safe and best regards,