Telescope information in dark frame headers?

Why when taking a dark frame sequence (event) does SGP attempt to gather information from the ASCOM telescope driver for writing this information to the dark frame FIT headers? It logs a bunch of errors related to checking for ASCOM properties from the telescope driver but why would it care about these when taking a dark frame? I won’t care about Position or CanPierFlipNow, etc. in my dark frame headers. :smile:

Here is the log file:

What I do here is when my lights event is done I have a pause instruction set in the event and I shut down my mount. Why leave it powered on for hours during dark frame capturing, not to mention I have the Gemini Control System which is prone to start tracking again if some program sends it a command so it is just best to turn it off.

What would be nice is if we can have a feature in SGP to park and then disconnect the telescope in SGP. Then the connection state could be checked before attempting to get properties from it via ASCOM. Save the log space I say, use Log4Net for more important things. :smile: