Temperature Compensation by Filter

I would like to suggest adding the ability to set a different temperature compensation factor per filter. Perhaps alongside the filter position field in the Set Filters table.

Having taken the time to run several hundred focusing events across my LRGB Ha-SII-OIII filters, it appears that not only are my “parfocal” filters not in fact parfocal (not a huge surprise) but they respond substantially differently to temperature changes (did surprise me). A call out to the developer of SGP Autofocus Log Viewer for making this so easy. The results range from 195 steps per 1C change to 114 steps per 1C change (I use a moonlite focuser, with a step size of 0.26 microns).

As my critical focus zone is roughly 100um, that is roughly 400 steps. With a difference of roughly 80 steps per degree in the temperature response between filters, a 5 degree change in temperature means that the temperature compensation factor I set for one filter will result in another filter falling outside the critical focus zone. If these could be set separately, this problem would be eliminated.