Temperature Control Mismatch

I set up my temperature control using the thermometer icon on the top of the screen. Usually set it to cool to -20 degrees in 15 minutes. This results in the desired cool down in the allotted timeframe.

When I then launched my first sequence, a warning window pops up alerting me that my target temperature of -10 degrees has not been reached yet - do I want to begin anyway. I used the adjustment control to lower it to the desired temp of -20 degrees and then proceed to the sequence launch. On the next sequence, whether that same night or on a subsequent evening, the same -10 degree warning message appears listing -10 degrees as my target temp goal. Where is this -10 degree number coming from - how do I sync it to my desired -20 degree spec

Hi there, I’m unsure, but if you’d like to submit logs showing this behavior we can take a look and help out.

Additional guidance here (SGPro keeps logs for 30 days): SGPro - Help

does each session I run automatically create a log or do I have to launch it deliberately - if the latter how do I activate that logging process. Thanks - Frank

Logs are created automatically each session and you do not need to enable anything. See the link above for guidance on how to browse and send previous logs.