Temperature Recording Devices?

Can anyone recommend a USB temperature recorder that will work with SGpro. Many thanks.


Since no one else has answered I’ll throw in what I know, but I am wondering what your end goal is. Are you trying to get a delta T between the outside temp and scope temp, or just environmental temp for use with say focusing? I know of two options, one that I use.

  1. For environmental temp, I have a weather station at the house connected to Wunderground. Then I use a ASCOM driver I found online that lets me connect to my weather station via the ‘Environmental Device’ in SGP. I use this currently for auto focus after temperature drops. Since I already had the weather station, this was all free for me. :grinning:

  2. Lunatic Astro makes temperature probes that connect to their Seletek Armadillo and Platypus controllers. Actually, there is a temperature probe inside the controller and then you can buy another one that connects to it for external temp. I see this more for the delta T function between scope and environment. This would be a more expensive option and maybe more than you need if you are already setup with an AutoFocuser.

So those are the only two I know of off the top of my head. Maybe someone else knows of some others.


Hi Stephen

Many thanks for the reply to my query.

My aim was to get the environmental temperature so that SGPro can make automatic focus adjustments. I ended up purchasing this little box that comes with and ASCOM driver and seems to connect to SGpro with no issues. Not exactly cheap but hey ho!

Once again thanks for your reply.


There is also temp sensors inside some focus motors, like the Starlight Instruments HSM3. This one works in SGP and can be used where temperature parameters are needed.