This is a question about templates (or whatever you might call them). I imagine this has been asked before, but I wouldn’t know what to search for.

In taking pictures, I have a lot of options. For example, with my 9.25 edge scope, I might want to install Hyperstar or I might want to install a reducer. I have various filter options (color, monochrome, etc.). I sometimes use a filter wheel. I have a number of cameras, all by ZWO. Some cameras have a cooling option, but I might not always want to use that. I could go on.

The point I’m trying to make is that I might have 45 different options about ways that I could take a picture. These options are inherently hierarchical: they take me down a tree.

My question is, is there a way to set up a series of templates (that might not be the term you use), and then inside those templates, I modify specific parameters? For example, different templates might be named:

9.25 Hyperstar, ASI 600, Cooled, monochrome filters.
9.25, ASI 294, Cooled, Dual band filter.
9.25 w/reducer, ASI 600, Cooled, filter wheel, narrowband filters.

Or do I have to create 45 sequences from scratch? What is the best approach here?
Jim Ritscher

I believe what you’re looking for are “Equipment Profiles”.

Tools -> Equipment Profile Manager (or Ctrl-P)

You’ll have to set up each of your “45 profiles” that you describe, but only once. After that, when starting a new sequence, you can click File -> New Sequence With Profile, and select the equipment profile you want to use with that sequence.

If you forget, or change your mind later, File -> Apply Profile To Sequence will let you modify an existing sequence to use a different profile.