Teperature not read from Atik 314L+ camera

The actual tempereture is wrongly read by SGP, 714,7 degrees. Set temperature -12.
Power 36% all the time even whe changing the set value to for example -25. Same thing with actual temperature. Does not change.
I am not sure that the cooler even is on in the camera. Pictures indicate not.

Camera control works ok with Maxim DL.

Atik 314L+ camera. Computer running W8.1.

Known problem with SGP?


I had a similar problem with the Atik 6.0 One. It turned out to be a faulty peltier cooler. Once fixed the problem inSGP disappeared.


I don’t think this is an issue with SGPro (I could be wrong)… but, the way ASCOM works is that it treats your camera like just like everyone else’s camera… SGPro has no code specific to Atik cameras… in almost all cases, it does not care about brand, make or model of your camera. Since temperature works fine for all other ASCOM cameras, one would have to assume it is not SGPro. Especially with respect to the display. We don’t alter the temperature from the camera… we just take it and throw it on the screen. If it shows 714.7, it is because the camera returned that for the temperature.

The Atik 314, as my 320 isn’t thermostat so you can determinate only a temperature below the ambient one, but not a specific temperature.


Ambient temperature is 10 degree
If on Atik One you specify -20 degree the camera do a -30 degree and work on -20 degree
If on Atik 314 you specify -20 degree the camera do a -20 degree to the ambient temperature and go to -10

AIUI the cameras without temperature control can only turn the cooler on or off. The temperature you get will depend on the ambient temperature and the more or less fixed temperature difference thet the cooler generates.

I didn’t think these cameras even had the ability to report the temperature.

A camera log file would be useful for finding out what is actually going on.


The strange thing then is that the driver on that computer is the same when using Maxim DL and SGP.
Both programs use the ATIK specific driver that is supplied from Atik Company.

Using Maxim DL, camera actual temperature drops down slowly to set point temp.
When that is ongoing, power could be monitored. First 100% then going down when set temperature is reached.
Maxim DL works ok in all parts of the functions.

From ATIK homepage: 314L+ has full set-point temperature regulation.
“The Atik 314L+ has a regulated cooling system, meaning that the CCD is kept at the desired temperature throughout the imaging session.”

Chris, how to make a camera log file? Please advise.

Read the manual.

Well now…ain’t this interesting…has happened twice on my 314L+ since updating to I’d written it off to a peltier going wonky.

Haven’t tested on (don’t have) any other software. Also agree with Ken…an ASCOM client shouldn’t really know or care about the hardware, so I could still believe it’s the cooler…, but…this DOES seem an odd coincidence.


Just noticed if I click the Settings Icon for the CCD in SGP, I get an ASCOM setup window that shows, among other things, the cooler power and CCD Temp. Next time i see this behaviour, I’ll pull that up and see if the numbers match…that would certainly narrow it down I think.

Also, @Mats, that same window has a checkbox for “Trace On”. That will enable an ASCOM log for the camera, which will be stored in your ASCOm documents directory (Usually My Documents/ASCOM/Logs YYYY-MM-DD)

Saw this problem again Saturday night/Sunday morning. Woke up and SGP was reporting a CCD temp of 170.2. Opened the CCD config screen, same temp, and ASCOM log shows that was the temp being return from the camera.

Will attach logs in a follow-up post this afternoon when I’m back home.