Thanks for Stellarium!

Hello all,

Thanks for adding the ability to copy and paste Stellarium info, it’s a very handy touch as I use Stellarium all the time.

I’m going to ask for a slight enhancement to this though if you don’t mind. I had a brainwave as I also use the Framing and Mosaic wizard all the time to frame targets. I attempted to paste the ‘Copy’ into the ‘Object’ box in the F & M and hey presto, it extracted what Stellarium terms as the ‘Catalogue Number’ although a little too much info.

Examples of what the F & M ‘Object’ field receives:

A typical ‘HIP’:
Menkalinan (β Aur - 34 Aur) - HIP 28360 : - F & M only requires ‘HIP 28360’ part or it cant solve the star

A Typical M** designation:
Triangulum galaxy (M 33 - NGC 598) : - F & M only requires the M** part or the NGC **** part, preferably
prioritising the M** part if available

A Typical ‘NGC’ designation:
NGC 2281 (NGC 2281 - Cr 116 - Mel 51) : - F & M only requires the NGC **** part

A typical Dark Nebula:
B 22 :- This works fine as Stellarium only has the ‘B’ Number as catalogue No

A typical ‘IC’ designation:
IC 1369 (IC 1369 - Cr 432) :- Obviously only needs the IC**** part

I use Stellarium all the time to pick out targets for a sequence, up to now I just jot down the relevant name and hand type it into the F & M. SGP already extracts the correct info for the ‘Object’ box but it would be fantastic if it could also extract the exact part from that line of text too and discard the rest.

Many Thanks