The BAD_ the GOOD_BAD and the Ugly

I have had a surprisingly high number of clear nights recently and SGP has worked its magic all night long. I thought I would grade my images so far and weed out the poor ones, ready for the final session.

In the grader tool, I accidentally marked them all as BAD, causing their filenames to be prefixed by BAD_.

Without an obvious UNDO instruction, I selected them all again and marked them as GOOD.
To my dismay, all my frames were prefixed GOOD_BAD_… :rofl:

Just as well I could remember the old DOS 5.1 REN command to rename them all - but it would be better if there was an UNDO command that could sort it out!!

clear skies

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I’ve done that a few times myself, and in the end I installed Windows PowerTools which puts a PowerRename item onto the right-click menu in File Explorer which allows you to rename the files quite easily as it works on all the selected items. Not the ideal solution, but one that works in the absence of an undo function. It also allows me to append a filter name for example to the end of the file name.

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Thanks for the info. I shall install that for this and similar purposes.

found it - they are called Windows Powertoys

Oops, yes, so it is :blush:

I regularly have to modify the image-filenames, mainly because I like to group them by additional keywords using the wbpp script in PI.
A very handy tool for that is the “Ant Renamer”. With that you can mass-process filenames in practically any way you wish. I have been using that tool for many years now.

Another one to consider is Irfanview which in additional to being a handy image viewer (incl FITs) and image manipulator (resize etc), also has batch rename and batch resize/reformat options.