The Crescent and the Blue Flash

Okay, I’m whining about problems again, so here are some pretty pictures to drown out the drone. The Crescent Nebula is a bicolor with 17 hours of Ha and OIII, with a CPC1100 and SXVR-H694:

NGC 6888 by The Hole in the Trees Skybox

There’s also a tricolor, with 13 hours of SII added in, for those who like their Crescents blue:

NGC 6888 by The Hole in the Trees Skybox

And finally the Blue Flash, a small but bright summer planetary. The stars are RGB from an image I shot five years ago (pre SGP!) with a QHY8, and the nebula is 7.3 hours of OIII collected this summer, colorized to blue with PixInsight:

NGC 6905 by The Hole in the Trees Skybox

Thanks as always to Ken and Jared for making sleeping-while-imaging a reality for us regular folks.



As usual, awesome images!!!


Impressive, congratulations!

Thanks Peter and Alfredo. I’ve got lots more images in the processing pipeline, which hopefully will go faster now that I’m starting to get a process down for PI. With SGP and a permanent setup, it’s been easy to collect data faster than I can process it.


I totally agree with that Kevin. With SGP I’ve made my longest imaging sessions.