The motorized Focuser @ Sequence Start

Hello all,

I would like to submit a feature request and I would be interested on how people feel about it.

Whenever I use a Bahtinov Mask to find focus before running a sequence the tube always
seems to end up at around 7250 out give or take a small amount. So, whenever I ready for an
imaging session I just fire it out to there and Auto focus always seems to work fine.

So, I ask myself why I/we have to keep going through this process on every session ?

Could SGP not have the functionality where it could, on sequence start, send the focuser tube
out to a preset position (and send it back to zero at the end of the sequence).

Further, If Auto Focus finds, at a given temperature, that focus was achieved at ‘X’ steps out
could it not store that temp/position association and if on a particular night it finds that temp
then use that associated position as the starting point for a sequence start ??

Just an idea


This suggestion has been made many times in the past in the form of implementing a start position based on the temperature versus position function defined for this equipment. Continues to be a nice potential enhancement. Perhaps in 4.0.