Things aint moving

what an unsatisfying situation for the user. V 2.4 is no longer supported and freezed on nearly
a year old code and V 3 is BETA and updates are slow for a coming release.
I am willing to pay for a stable software but gimme one reason to do so now.
I dont see a working business model.
What do you think?


Oh, please… Avoid this nonsense whinering. Do you have a v2 license?

yes i do. Pls. be a bit more specific in your reply. I dont see an argument.


First, there is no need to complain about beta. it is free, working, new update always come out before the old one expires.
Second, the 2.4v is indeed old, 2.6 can be download, stable and beautiful.
Third, jared stated this two days ago:

[quote]Just wanted to give a little update here. Ken and I discussed some things this evening and we’re trying to get 3.0 out in the very near future. Some features will still be in “beta” but it will be available for purchase and this will stop the “limbo” that some new users are experiencing. We’ve also decided to make the 3.X license backwards compatible to 2.X since 3.X will still be somewhat in beta (primarily the ZWO support)

So give us a week or two to get some things in order and you’ll be seeing 3.x in the very near future.


What was the need to complain ?!?

A few things:

  1. 2.6 is still supported and you can download and install any time. I assume you have a V2 license.

  2. Your original post doesn’t really tell us anything so it’s hard to help. Please see this thread about getting help and in particular pay attention to posting a log file from SGP.