Time changes from seconds to minutes

I am on the latest beta, but I have seen this behavior often enough in earlier releases.
I use Windows RDP to remotely access and monitor SGP.
I lost wireless connectivity for a few seconds and when I went back into SGP, the current running event had changed from 20 seconds to 20 minutes.

This is not the first time that seconds have changed to minutes on 1 or more events seemingly randomly.
I notice that the exposure edit box/dropdown has the focus when this happens.


Happened again tonite.
Captured the screen below.
All I did was hit Ctrl-W to bring up the sequencer and voila.


i have seen this as well, but i think it’s because mouse wheel events and maybe up/down arrow will increment/decrement the exposure if it is focused. could be an RDP bug?


I use RDP extensively to control SGP, but have not noticed this issue. However, I do not use Ctrl-W shortcut.

I will keep a closer eye out for this going forward (if clouds ever clear :sob:)


I still have this problem with the latest SQPRO. 15 second exposure changes to 15 minutes exposures. Even if I have save the sequence and load it up again. I use RDP to control SQPRO. Any suggestions on this?

+1 I will have to try it out

I noticed this as well. I try to put ‘s’ after the number. I believe this occurs on smaller numbers. It could be the validation routine thinking its minutes not seconds at times.

I tried flipping back and forth with Ctrl-W - no strange behavior. Changed one of the exposure times to 2s… still behaved itself. (Latest beta - Win7 Pro)

I am seeing the same behaviour as well. My RDP setup does not use the mouse wheel so I can confirm that is not causing it. Happens using a tablet or a laptop with touchpad. Most often happens when reloading a sequence.

I don’t even RDP into my remote pc’s with a tablet anymore. Got tired of those 30 second subs turning into 30 minute subs.