Time constraint will abort if programmed in daytime, why?

Lately I’ve been trying to program my night’s imaging in the afternoon when it’s daytime and the safety indicator it’s showing red unsafe due to daytime conditions

I set SGP to start in the evening, press run sequence and immediate I’m getting the sequence abort indication because it’s daytime…even though I set it to begin imaging in the evening.

What am I doing wrong? I used to be able to do it now I have to wait till the evening and start manually.



I just chatted with you guys on Facebook (don’t know who…but thank you!) and here are the files you asked for.

Thank you!

Pablo Lewin

It was me that you chatted with.

We changed this behavior about a year ago. It actually caused more pressing issues where if the status went unsafe while you were waiting for your sequence SGP would not shutdown.

In your case you may want to checkout the Beta which has some additional support for continuing imaging when the status changes from unsafe to safe, it also handles the unsafe on start case better. Or if you don’t want to mess with the beta you may want to change your safety settings to make “daylight” be considered safe.


Thank you Jared, I appreciate the help. Last night I figured it being so hot and dry in LA, I turned off the safety monitor figuring it would be clear all night, at 2AM it got cloudy and the scope was still up taking images an hour later…I guess I will change the safety settings to make daylight considered safe I don’t want to mess with the beta because I have SGP fine tuned for TESS work (member of the TESS sg1 group) and I need reliability.
Take care and thanks again for your help.