To Ken and Jared

As 2016 winds to a close, I want to take this moment to thank Ken and Jared for making SGP the “Superstar” of image capture applications.

I’m heading into my third year of using SGP, and cannot imagine being without it. Furthermore, I’m a fervent evangelist for SGP and have been thanked by many friends for introducing it to them. I always tell them: “Don’t thank me. Thank the guys who make it!”

Best wishes to you both, now and in the future.



Ditto for sure D_Zielke,

Although the shift work continues to interfere and when that doesn’t the clouds keep rolling through I know that when the heavens twinkle above me, and time is on my side, SGP will be there to keep Jack frost at bay and keep me warm.

Bless everyone this Xmas and special greetings go to both the main men who bless us every cloudless night with their genius. May they stop and have a nice chunk of time with their friends and families in this festive season.

Seasons Greetings to all

yes thank you both!! as an STT owner the API guider has saved me from some other capture apps which are… frustrating to say the least. i am very appreciative for the ability to automate my system with SGP.

Happy Holidays to Ken and Jared. Enjoy your time with your families !

Happy Holidays to Ken and Jared.

I agree, a great program and a lot of hard work to get it where it is, well done.
Have a great festive break.


Yes, Season’s Greetings to Ken and Jared. Here is hoping you have a great 2017 and good astronomy weather!

Thank You Ken and Jared! SGP is THE best.

Twinkle, twinkle little star. Plate solve 2 knows where you are. Up above the towns so bright, sequencing deep into the night, SGP, SGP is a star, how I wonder what I did before.

I’ll stick to imaging.


I’d like to add my voice to this, I have been using SGP for about a year and a half - couldn’t imagine using anything else! Its brilliant:)
Thanks and keep up the good work!

Thank you everyone for the warm wishes.

Yes, would like to wish Ken and Jared all the best for the season. Great product.