Trial expired always pop up

I saw another post about this but this do not fix my problem ( Trial Expired)

I have a pop up windows asking me to register every time I start SGP.
I have try this:
-I have unninstalled SGP
-I have deleted the folder in AppData
-I have unregistred the machine in the manage registration page
-I then re-installed SGP
-Registered It

Problem not fixed.

One thing that cought my attention is I downloaded the latest version on the site : , but when I register the machine it register it as version on the internet, mayb that a hint of where to look?

I still can use it , but it is annoying to always enter email and password, and if it occur that I am not connected to the internet to validate I am srewed.

Thank you for your help.

no one? kinda annoying I don’t want to format the hard drive to fix the bug

Send an email to and let us know the email that you use for SGP. I’ll need to look into your account to see if there’s an issue.


I just started to have the exact same issue. Can you let me know what the fix was? Thanks

You probably need to contact us to resolve this. Please email us at and provide your account email as well as what version of SGP you’re having the issue with.

Thank you,