Trial period changed from 16 to 2 days!

Oh my. I just updated to the latest version 2772 and my trial period changed from 16 to 2 days! We have had a very long run of clouds here in IP14, UK and I am still waiting to carry on trying. I already propose to register - hopefully when the dollar drops a bit!


Actually, this is not entirely true. You were using a beta version of the software so the new Notification Addon would have expired in 16 days, but either way SGPro itself would have expired in 2 days. We give users 45 days to play around.

I am only telling you what happened. It has counted down from 45 days and at 16 days + update this dropped to 2 days.


Yes, I can see how this is confusing. What I am saying is that the Beta counts days differently than the release version. The beta gives you the time until beta features expire (since the beta is really designed for licensed users of SGPro). Like I said, even though the beta did not say it in the title bar, your trial period would have expired in 2 days regardless of which version you had installed.

Sorry for any confusion.

So seeing the 16 days counting down, I would have got a shock when trying to run it and finding after just 2 more days (Monday evening) that it had reverted to Lite. Its only 24 hours since I discovered that the mosaic was incorporated - so I can never see that run!


Purchasing SGPro will allow you to start a brand new 45 day trial of any addon we offer (including the mosaic wizard)