Trial version unavailable

Dear Sir,
I downloaded the SGP Pro version yesterday. I installed it on my desktop just to have a look on the different windows.

Then I installed the SGP on my laptop used for my observatory… It is impossible to use all the options. I have a popup telling the trial version is over.

Perhaps it is due to the two installtions.

How can I solve this issue. The most important for the evaluation is to get the software on my laptop.

Best regards

Patrick Trochet

Had you tried it before? Many trial version apps keep a record on the PC so that someone cannot continually run an installer each month…

Thnak you for this fast reply during the weekend.

I installed the SGP just once time on each PC (Desktop and Laptop) with the same installer. I copied it on an USB key to install SGP on the laptop. The copy was done after the installation on my desktop.

Best Regards

Patrick Trochet

Dear Sir,

My issue is over. In fact the reason was I tried to use SGP off-line. When the connexion on the web is established, I can use the full options of SGP.

Perhaps it could be useful to mention this fact in ther popup.

Thank you again for your help.

Patrick Trochet

thanks for that - if you are a new user, I made some some tutorial videos over lockdown that may help.

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